Important News



I had a really great opportunity today, to attend a 9/11 memorial ceremony at Camden County College. Our Counsel, Bob DelSordo puts it together every year and it gets better every year! NJRPFA placed a wreath at the college in memory of those who perished or were injured that fateful day. We also presented a plaque to the college thanking them for this annual observation. VP Dennis Deal was also there and I was given an opportunity to talk about our retired members contributions. A very nice memorial. Thanks, Bob! 

Our next meeting is Monday, September 24 at 1200 hrs. We'll be meeting at the Ancient Order of Hibernians in South Amboy. The address is 271 Second Street, South Amboy, NJ 08879. I have promised to have a meeting in the Northern end of the state to facilitate those members who want to attend a state meeting but cannot make the trip to our usual spot. Thanks to Local 9 President, Mike Burns for securing the location for us. We'll be having some really nice hoagies for lunch and the bar will be open for members after the meeting. Parking is on the street, but there seems to be plenty of it. 

We'll be going out of the regular order because we are having a representative from US Law Shield making a presentation. They provide legal representation should you ever manage to go awry of our ever changing and needlessly complex gun laws. It's not insurance, it's an attorney. Rob Hammer has made this presentation to local 12 and many members thought it was a good product and signed up.  Also, we are having Attorney Mike Giaramita of US Law Shield on hand to explain the myriad of changes to the gun laws over the last several months. This is going to be a very worthwhile presentation. Locals are welcome to meet Rob and to invite him to their local, should you so desire. Local 22, they also have lawyers down in Florida. They will be happy to come to your local meeting, if you like. 

We'll obviously be discussing the Sweeney Report, which honestly seems to leave us alone other than the possible changes in health care. It doesn't appear that he plans to include PFRS in anything like his proposed hybrid retirement system.  That's good news for us and bad news for the other pension systems. Good to be us for a change! The changes being proposed to health care are going to depend largely on what your contract at the time of retirement says. If you have an "Equal to or better than" clause, changing your health care to gold, instead of platinum, could be fought in federal court. If your contract just says you get the state health benefit plan, that''s an uphill fight if they change it. We'll talk more about that at the meeting. 

We still are waiting for the by law committee to advise us on the status of the proposed changes to our by laws allowing telecommunicators and others membership into our group. I know Eddie Rapp has been under the weather, so there has been a delay. We'll see how that pans out on the 24th.

I also have new decals. I've been asked to get decals that have adhesive on the front so you can put them inside windows and see the logo from outside. I've gotten a good deal on these and locals can purchase them for $50 per 100 pieces. I'll have them at the meeting.  

I'm sure I've forgotten something that we need to talk about, with all that's going on. If anybody has anything to discuss let me know, so I can do a little legwork on it before the meeting. Thanks!