President's Desk

Senator Steve Sweeney is at it again! He's decided to come after retiree health care benefits this time, after stealing our COLA almost a decade ago! 

His bill is S3754. This bill would violate the sanctity of the collective bargaining process. Steve Sweeney, the big labor boss, is screwing over retired cops and firemen for a second time. 

Most retirees have health care benefits as a result of bargaining units negotiating for them. This bill would guarantee significantly higher health care costs for retirees. The monies saved would not go towards better funding our pensions or granting a COLA, that so many of our members desperately need just to get by. 

The money will go towards property tax relief. If history is any lesson, it will include property tax relief for people that don't own any property they pay taxes on. 

Even during the last "pension reform" legislation session, the Collective Bargaining Agreement was recognized and respected. Now, those agreements are little more than a minor hurdle towards stealing more money from retirees. 

Contact your state senators, assembly people and the governor. Make our position loud and clear. Keep your hands off our collective bargaining agreements and our health benefits! Your failure to act could cost you dearly! Do it today.